Turkish Citizenship via property purchasing with difference of “Buy Home Antalya

Turkish Citizenship via property purchasing with difference of “Buy Home Antalya ®”

Turkish Citizenship via property purchasing with difference of “Buy Home Antalya ®”

Why Is It So Easy To Get Turkish Citizenship With Property ?

You don’t need to leave your nationality and you don’t have to cancel your other passport
It only takes average 1 month

You only need to keep the property for 3 years

You can get a rental income during this period

You can do business in Turkey

When you apply for citizenship, you are not required to declare your assets or income that you currently have in other countries.

It can either be a residential property, as in apartments or villas, commercial property or just land.Meaning that this law allows you to purchase multiple properties in different parts of Turkey if you wish.

The main thing to note is that you will not be able to purchase just any apartment. Why? Because you can only pick a property where its owner or seller is willing to indicate the property’s full official price on the ownership documents

So, we will have to find a property developer or seller that would be happy with doing that, which is not as easy as it sounds, trust us. Only some of properties currently on the market are like that, not all.

The person who is selling you the property must be a Turkish citizen or a Turkish company. Prior to the purchase, the property must be examined, which is done by specially licensed firms.

we can assist with property valuation in case any problems arise.

We helped many of our clients, they were able to receive their Turkish citizenship easily.

Another important condition for obtaining citizenship is that all payments made during the purchase, in the amount of 400,000 dollars or more, absolutely must be made into the sellers account through a bank.

No cash payments in this case! We will always open bank accounts in Turkish banks for "Buy Home Antalya" clients in order to ensure that all procedures are carried out properly.

After the application for citizenship for you and your family is approved, first you will receive a Turkish national ID – called Kimlik in Turkish.

You can then receive your Turkish passport which is valid for a maximum period of 10 years. Another interesting thing that not many people know about is that when getting your citizenship, you are allowed to change your name and last name to Turkish ones. Meaning that if you have become sick of your old name, you have the perfect opportunity to change it here.

You, your spouse and all your children under the age of 18 can be Turkish citizens.

You can buy multiple real estates with a total value of at least $ 400,000. However, you must apply for all properties at the same time. In other words, in order to obtain citizenship, the total value of the immovables must be more than 400.000-USD.

According to the Turkish Citizenship Law with Ownership: The exchange rate is calculated over the Turkish Central Bank sales rates on the date of the transaction.

The process is completed within 1-2 months. However, the government is trying to shorten this period.

If you give a power of attorney to a lawyer or to our company, you can follow all your processes from start to finish.Therefore you don't have to come to Turkey.

According to the law, only one person and his first-degree relatives (spouse and children under 18) can acquire citizenship.

person can apply for citizenship with real estate purchases and investments after 20.09.2018

All citizens who buy a property in Turkey can make this application.

If you have a kid who is over of 18 years old You can obtain citizenship by documenting that your child needs care.

You and your first degree family are given a residence permit during citizenship application process.

Required Documents for Turkish Nationality Application

1- Birth Certificate
2- Residence permit or valid Touristic Visa on your passport.
3- Records that shows all family members as the wife, husband and children, marriage certificate etc.
4- Health Insurance
5- 12 biometrics passport size photos which taken front of white color background.
6- Passport.
7- Original and notarized Turkish Translation of these documents.
8- Application tax payment receipt.
9- Appraisal report.
10- Bank receipt showing payment of minimum 400.000 USD.
11- Title deed or Notarized property purchase commitment.
12- Application Form

1- Getting a tax registration number (will provided by Buy Home Antalya)
2- Opening a Turkish Bank Account (will provided by Buy Home Antalya)
3- Finding the Property (will provided by Buy Home Antalya)
4- Buying the Property (will provided by Buy Home Antalya)
5- Obtaining the certificate of Conformity (will provided by Buy Home Antalya)
6- Applying for Turkish Residency (will provided by Buy Home Antalya)
7- Appliying for Turkish Citizenship (will provided by Buy Home Antalya)

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