Why Antalya?

Why Antalya?

Why Antalya really? There can be a lot of replies, but a logical one could be that Antalya is home to one of the earliest human settlements in Anatolia, the caves dating back to the first evolution of humans in Paleolithic times. Since then, Antalya and its environs have witnessed all civilizations, from the Phoenicians to the Greeks and Romans, from the Byzantines to the Seljuks and Ottomans.Therefore Antalya has a lot of historical and ancient cities.

Antalya is unique because it combines the advantages of both a large city and a resort. This is exactly why the quality of life here stays consistently good all year and not just during summer season.

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Differences according to other national or international cities ;

1- Affordable property values
2- Low Cost of Living. Antalya is cheaper than other international cities. Overall, low prices for utilities and daily needs are what have attracted to Antalya no matter
3- Easy Access and transportation conditions.It is easily accessible by air, sea and land. There are direct flights to Antalya from many international cities. It is the 3rd most visited city of the world by international tourists according to official statics of the world tourism organization.
4- All The Mass of Interest and Activities which interested by you. World-renowned festivals.
5- Unique climate during year. People find nine months of gorgeous weather to enjoy outdoor living.therefore they maintain a healthy lifestyle
6- High return of investment. According to official datas of international monetary fund and central bank of Turkey, Turkey is the most profitable country in real estate at the world and Antalya is the most profitable city in real estate at Turkey 7- World-renowned hospitals and doctors for healthcare. The high cost of health expenditures in many countries compels patients to come to Antalya, Turkey. Here, it is possible to access healthcare services for one-half or one-third of the price quoted in most European countries.
8- The only city in Turkey where refugees are banned from residency by the government
9- Low numbers of cases due to educated local population at world pandemic process
10- Rich food and beverage culture. Antalya has individual traditional dishes and plenty of sun-drenched fresh produce for sale at bazaars. Make sure to get the full Turkish breakfast treatment and to definitely try freshly grilled fish and meze (preferably with a view of the sea).
11- Diving, golf, ski, paragliding, rally, off road and similar a lot of extreme and action sports facilities on same city and a lot of international famous sport organizations
12- None earthquake risk.If you research earthquake map, you will see that Antalya is on yellow region.
13- Safety and security. Antalya has the lowest number of crime rate of Turkey according to registration of police department.
14- Education. There are so many free state schools that accept citizens of foreigners, as well as many high-level private schools that can give your children the best quality of education. Antalya has a lot of international schools that educates children in English,Russian,Arabic,German,French and many other language schools to suit your needs. many private universities and also a big state university available that can give your child a really good degree and higher education.
15- Antalya is like a capitol, there are more than 20 consulates in city.
16- Democracy and tolarance. You will be able to continue practising your own culture without breaking any of your traditions.The city has both Catholic and Protestant churches open to all, where you will be able to worship and celebrate any important occasions such as Easter or Christmas.Turkish people are very tolerant – they respect your religion and traditions if you respect their religion and their traditions. There is a religions garden at city which houses a Jewish Synagogue, a Christian Church and a Muslim Mosque all together on one piece of land. Even, Antalya has some beaches which are only for women.
17- Antalya has the biggest aquarium of the Europe
18- the city with the most blue flag beaches in Turkey
19- Antalya has the third biggest hipodrom of Turkey.

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