It is worth noting that a residence permit in Turkey when buying real estate is a simple and easy process that allows foreign citizens to officially stay and reside in Turkey for many years without restrictions and problems.

"Buy Home Antalya" advises people and families who have long-term plans in Turkey, to buy a property for a long-term residence permit.
- The title deed of the property is the key to renew your residence permit and obtaining citizenship in the future.
- If the head of the family (husband or wife) owns a property, one of them gets the Real Estate Residence Permit, rest of the family (Except children over 18) gets automatically the same rights.
- The rental Agreement residence permit is a Touristic Residence Permit and gives no rights. Your renewal application might be rejected without a reason in the future.
- Real Estate Residence Permit gives you the right to apply for citizenship after 5 years, rental agreement residence permit does NOT.

With the new law, the appraisal, sales or cadastral value of the real estate in question must be at least 200,000 USD in order for foreigners who want to apply for citizenship after 5 years as of April 27, 2022, to apply for a residence permit in Antalya, Turkey as the owner of the property. There is no lower or upper limit appraisal, sales or cadastral valuefor only touristic residence permit.>

Residence permit in Turkey based on the purchase of real estate
Title deed (real estate license) on the basis of a permit, the temporary status of host not just a foreign citizen, direct relatives (under the age of 18 husband/wife, parent and children) gives you the right to receive for up to 2 years. After the two-year period, it can be extended for another period.

A package of documents for submitting an application to the Migration Service:
1- Valid medical insurance (between age of 18-65)
2- 4 photos. Photos should be biometric and taken on a white background in the last 6 months
3- Title deed
4- An up-to-date extract from the Cadastral Office's records that the property is owned by you by the applicant
5- Passport (pages with photos and pages with a fixed date of entry into the country)
6- Tax number in Turkey (issued by the tax office)

“Buy Home Antalya” give you full support on getting residence permits during all process.

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