Why Us?

Why Us?

Why Us?

First of all , we are only native company at international real estate sector of Antalya city and thanks to our team of architects and civil engineers, we are the only native Antalya company that safely delivers the house of your dreams, which you have drawn on the land you purchased from the region you wish, at affordable cost, high quality and short delivery time. "Buy Home Antalya" offers smooth experiences at every stage of property purchasing. You will receive service from professionals , visit the best price guaranteed properties, and will save time by using the experience of our company. "Buy Home Antalya" provides service for all steps of property purchase from getting tax ID numbers to opening a bank account, property appraisal reports, title deed conveyance, land supply, architectural drawing and construction of the house utility connections, furniture and white goods tours, and more...

We know that how to buying a property is one of the most serious life decisions you will ever make.

To help you on your journey, you need a reliable companion with market knowledge, experience, and customer values that put the buyer first.

This is where “Buy Home Antalya” new brand of a native and one of the oldest company of Antalya steps forward. We guide our buyers through the whole journey from choosing the home of their dreams to signing for their title deeds and settling in. With great testimonials behind us, we’ve established a solid reputation for honesty, professionalism, and cordiality to our customers

“Buy Home Antalya” plays a critical role in building a sustainable real estate sector in Antalya with our company values,history and professionalism. We prioritize providing a reliable property purchase process for domestic and foreign investors.

“Buy Home Antalya” has complete expertise in real estate management. Hence, we always work relentlessly on the clients’ behalf to help them accomplish their real estate investment goals. Additionally, we are maintaining transparency at every stage of the management process.

“Buy Home Antalya” occupies a powerful position in the real estate investment market of Antalya. It is the company that always measures the success throughout the satisfaction of their clients.

We are your “go-to source” for any facilities, Houses, Apartment, Villa, Hospital, Condo, Residence, Farm, Hotel, Lands,…etc.

Your satisfaction is “Buy Home Antalya’s” top priority "Buy Home Antalya" is a professional company working with a commitment to humanistic values principles. Our clients show their favor to our company once they experience the professional and sincere service of "Buy Home Antalya". We have compiled the reasons that make us the most preferred and recommended real estate company in Antalya. Our Clients become our family..


1- Accomodation and flight fees provided by Buy Home Antalya for “selected” properties.
2- All insurances which is regarding your property will provided by “Buy Home Antalya” for your property for first year.
3- Unlike other companies, you do not pay a service fee with us for title deed transfer , you just pay regarding state taxes and duties.
4- If you do not like ready properties/ portfolios, we provide a land which liked by you and we do construction of it as you imagine as a short time.
5- We sell properties which constructed by us,too.
6- Under no circumstances do we ever disclose your personal information to third parties or institutions. Our clients enjoy full confidence in the safety of their data.
7- We manage all citizenship application process free, if you wish you do not need to pay the lawyer's costs at “selected” properties.
8- We can help you establish a company in Turkey, find an accountant.
9- Free consultancy for the transfer of your crypto money to your accounts created in banks in Turkey

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