Services And Cost Of Buying

Services and Cost of Buying

When you buy a property via “Buy Home Antalya” Accommodation and travel expenses for “selected” products are provided by our company for once. You do not need to pay any real estate commission fee on new build properties. We get fully paid by the property developer companies. If you buy a resale property, you will pay only 2%.

Getting a Turkish tax number and opening a bank account is for free. We assist you to open a bank account in Turkey, that you can even manage from overseas with online banking. You can have your accounts in Turkish lira, Dollar, Euro or other convertible currencies. There is an appraisal report requirement for people who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey during the title deed application and an independent institution officer is appointed by the state and paid to the state by the buyer for this, around 6000 Turkish Liras on average. Appraisal report citing the value of the property is mandatory in property sales to foreigners. The cost of the Capital Market Board (SPK) validated appraisal report is about 6000 TL depending on the city and the complexity of the property.

Title Deed Transfer Tax is 4% of the declared taxation value (paid on Title Deed transfer day).

There are some small “one-time fees” such as passport translations, notary approval, application documents, sworn translator fee etc.

After you have a registered Title Deed (Tapu) in your name, we always assist you to get electricity, water and gas subscriptions. After you have the subscriptions, we go to your bank to order automatic payments through your bank account in Turkey. We also find the best stores to help you to decorate and furnish your new home.

When you buy a property in Turkey, you can get a Residence Permit in Turkey that is annually renewable. We co-operate with professional companies to assist you to get a residence permit for you and your first-degree family members (spouse, children under 18).

Be sure that, we will guide you through the whole journey from choosing the home of your dreams to signing for your title deeds and settling in.

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